CONRAD introduces Unearthed, a capsule collection that celebrates the very origins of fiber arts and woven materials. Unearthed offers tactile and chromatic choices that are organic and natural, yet artful, urbane, and modern. The edited palette includes a deep mineral grey, a soft, dusted rose encountered in earth’s layers, and the sun warmed clay of mesas and canyons, each color rendered in three constructions that allow you to play with texture and pattern. Unmistakably CONRAD, our handwoven shades coordinate beautifully to create interiors defined by simplicity and a relaxed approach to living.

SHALE, Weave No. M30C
Woven of continuous fibers in a dusky grey, our handcrafted shade evokes the inviting cool of shade and shadow.

GEODE, Weave No. M32C
Evoking the elemental beauty of stratified earth, our Geode weave is defined by a subtle stripe and a dusty tint of rose.

TERRA, Weave No. M34C
Our handwoven Terra shade accentuates structure and texture, rendered in a creamy gold that’s warm and grounding.

CINDER, Weave No. CW-M30
Simplicity is the essence of our Cinder shade, woven in a quiet, restful grey that folds seamlessly into spaces that focus on calm and comfort.

QUARTZ, Weave No. CW-M32
Capturing a cool, contemporary mood, our handwoven shade enhances simplicity of structure with a hint of soft, misted rose.

SIENNA, Weave No. CW-M34
Expressing a quiet autumnal mood, our handwoven shade is crafted in soft, nuanced tones of grey and white to create a beautifully modulated linear pattern of cool sophistication.

MORAINE, Weave No. PT-M30
Nature, culture and craft converge in the nuances of a contemporary weave that echoes the earthy tones of mineral and stone.

CAESIAN, Weave No. PT-M32
Our Caesian shade achieves a perfect balance of earthy and refined, pairing an ethereal rose-tinted hue with a distinctly tactile weave.

ADOBE, Weave No. PT-M34
Inspired by the beauty of sunlit landscapes, our Adobe shade employs radiant color and organic tactility to maximum effect.